Point to Point T1, ATM, and Frame Relay Services

When your business requires Internet services that consistently perform at peak levels, then ACS is your indisputable choice. Since 1989, we have been the premier solution provider for high-performance, cost-effective and secure data communications throughout Colorado.

ACS utilizes a high speed, state-of-the-art, fiber optic backbone to deliver the Internet to our customers. We have peering (interconnected) relationships with over nine (9) major backbone providers, including AT&T, Sprint, Level3, UUNet, C&W, and Qwest. This multi-path backbone provides the shortest possible route for all Internet traffic, and immediately reroutes traffic during times of congestion and upstream outages.

Due to our extensive fiber optic infrastructure, we can offer Point to Point connectivity for most businesses in the Grand Junction area at a significant savings over the cost of conventional Frame Relay or Telco provided access. Our ATM and Frame Relay connections are available throughout Colorado, Utah and many Western States.


You will benefit the most from our dedicated services if you have any of the following applications:
  • Hosting of an internal Web or Email server
  • Wide Area Network - Multiple physical business locations
  • Large Email or File Transfer requirements
  • Telecommuting employees working from their homes
  • Remote workers at satellite offices
  • PBX to PBX connections and Voice Over IP services
  • Large multi-user Internet access applications
  • VPN and secure data sharing requirements
  • Real-time corporate database access across the Internet (reservation systems, stock trade, insurance, medical)
  • ASP clients - Application hosting delivered via the Internet


Advantages of ATM and Frame Relay Access
  • Variable speeds from 384K to 45Mbps (DS3)
  • Flexible channel usage
  • Cost effective pricing not sensitive to distance and mileage
  • Flexible and reliable


Advantages of Point to Point T1 Access
  • Available with full 1544k (1.5Mbps) guaranteed and dedicated bandwidth
  • Unsurpassed reliability
  • Advanced security features
  • Reduced network packet overhead
  • Increased network application performance and responsiveness


Point to Point Pricing
3 Year Contract*
Speed Monthly Price**
384k $365.00
768k $399.00
1.5Mbps $499.00
Installation charge $450.00
*Other contract lengths available
** Includes local loop charge

ACS offers both complete and reliable business Internet solutions.
  • The ACS Internet backbone is a "Tier One" service for fast real world performance.
  • No hidden fees, limited time - trial offers, or other "bait and switch" pricing. We offer honest, NO-GIMMICK services.
  • We have qualified staff that are experts in Virtual Private Networks, Firewalls and all network security systems.
  • Free basic Internet telephone support by polite, local and certified networking staff.
  • ACS offers Advanced Spam control and Virus protection that easily integrates with your office environment.
  • Our  email services complement and accelerate your Microsoft Exchange servers.
  • We have Novell, Microsoft and Cisco networking engineers available for end-to-end problem support.
  • SNMP monitored connections provide detailed records of bandwidth utilization.
  • Advanced tracking software performs Alarm notification and 24 hour emergency paging of our support staff.
  • Numerous Web, E-commerce, and Email packages are available to professionally represent your business.


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ACS provides Internet access speeds ranging from Dialup Modem (56k) through ATM DS3 (45Mbps). To sign up or further inquire about any of our business grade services, please call one of our business services specialists at (970) 245-7088 or (888) 800-4-ACS. You are also encouraged to stop by and visit with us in person.