Approved CGI programs for use in Subscribers' web pages.
Available to all ACS Customers.

As an ACS Internet subscriber, you now have access to various HTML CGI functions for use in web pages. These programs cover the most common web page requirements for counters and form processing. If you have special needs beyond the capabilities of these programs, you must submit a request to outlining your program needs and include the source code for review. We support CGI programs written in Perl or Unix Shell. For security reasons, we do not support any compiled user scripts written in languages such as C or C++. If acceptable, any submitted programs will be added to our public scripts area. All programs must be suitable for generic use by anyone, must not impede system performance, and must not violate security.

If you have a domain name hosted such as "" then you have a separate directory for CGI programs. You many upload your own Perl or Unix Shell script programs to your web site. These are all subject to security review by our staff. Please send mail to outlining your program functionality and location.

For a tutorial on CGI programs, please visit

Counter, Date, and Time

The Counter program is an enhanced web page counter to track the number of visits to your web site. This is a secure counter, and requires setup by a member of the ACS Online staff, prior to use in your web page. Please send mail to with your name and request for a counter. This counter can be used to display the time, date, hidden, and visible user counts. Please note that this counter will not advance until the site is visited by a different network address. You will not be able to use the reload button on your browser to advance the counter.

You may also use our Counter program to display the date and time. This is accomplished by sending a set of special codes to the Counter program. If you simply wish to use the Counter program to display the date or time, you may do so without any set-up procedure from our staff.

For more information, please visit

ACS Form Mailer

The ACS Form mailer is probably the most popular CGI program available in our public area. This program will processes a HTML form via the POST method, and mails the output to an email address. For detailed information, please see the example and use your browser to view the source.

For more information, please visit for an user guide, or here for an example page.

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