Chat Links and Information  
  Please do not give out ANY personal information about yourself while in the chat room. ACS encourages parents to monitor their children's activities inside of ALL chat rooms.

Chat rooms allow you to talk ("type") with others while online. Here is a list of links to chat rooms on the Internet. There are literally hundreds of thousands of chat servers.  We have only listed a few on this site.

  • ICQ : Simple program, easy to use, allows you to check mail at intervals.  More of an "Instant Messenger" type of program, although it gives the ability to chat as well.

  • Yahoo Chat : Java chat where you will need to sign-up to use.  It is web-based and java chats are generally pretty simple to use.

  • Infoseek Chat : Another Java chat, similar to Yahoo.

  • AIM : AOL Instant Messenger; Simple to use, allows you to instant message with AOL users.

  • Roger Wilco : A program you can use to actually talk with other users on the internet.  Comes in handy with some games, can be voice activated or button activated.  We would recommend that you have a robust Internet connection to use this program and a computer with a fast processor, because it is a memory hog and will really eat away at your bandwidth!

  • mIRC  : IRC (which stands for "Internet Relay Chat" is generally for more advanced users.  It requires a client download (mIRC) which you can use to connect to IRC servers around the world.  Allows you to transfer files and has a feature where you can serve/receive files