Internet Account Policies

Thank you for choosing ACS to provide you with Internet access and related services. These policies are intended to govern access to the Internet through ACS, and to provide answers to frequently asked questions about use of the Internet. Most of the policies are standard Internet policies or are laws governing the Internet. ACS reserves the right to disconnect or terminate any account, without notice, which violates these policies. If you have any additional questions concerning usage of your Internet account, please contact ACS immediately.

1.             Internet Account Usage.  ACS provides many types of accounts for Internet access, including unlimited access accounts for both personal and business use and electronic mail (e-mail) accounts. The terms "unlimited use" and "unlimited time online" mean that you may use the connection for as long as you are interactively using the connection, but you must log off when you are finished. In addition, your account may only be used by you.  The “sharing” of any account violates these policies. ACS monitors account usage and will disallow multiple logons from the same account. Using automated means to maintain a connection while not actively using the connection is a violation of these policies. Any such programs that simulate interactive use are considered a violation and may result in termination of the Internet account.

2.             General Computing Policy.  Any deliberate action which causes damage to or disrupts a computing system, alters its normal performance or causes a malfunction is a violation of these policies, regardless of the type or duration of such action is considered a violation of these policies. The deletion, examination, copying or modification of files and/or data which belongs to another user without their prior consent is prohibited. Continued impedance of other users through mass consumption of system resources, after receipt of a written request to cease such activity, is prohibited. The willful introduction of computer viruses or other disruptive or destructive programs is strictly prohibited.

3.             Passwords.  In order to ensure the integrity of our system, your password must be secure. Your password is your means of protecting the integrity and content of your account and the services you receive from ACS. Allowing someone else to access your password compromises the security of your account and violates these policies. You should use a random sequence of characters and/or numbers for your password, including both capital and lowercase letters. Specifically, you should not use a password that is a single word from a dictionary, anything personal that could be easily associated with you (i.e., your license plate number, date of birth, spouse’s or pet’s name, social security number, etc.).

4.             Fees and Payment Policy.

                A.            Internet Account Usage Fee.  The payment for each month's Internet account usage is due and payable in advance. The payment amount for the first month's service will be pro-rated. All amounts are non-refundable.

                B.            Method of Payment.  If payment is made with a credit card or by electronic funds transfer, such transactions will be processed on the first day of the month of service, or the next business day if the first day is a holiday or on a weekend. For accounts that are billed by invoice, statements will be mailed on the fifteenth day of each month, or the next business day if the fifteenth day is a holiday or on a weekend, and payment is due by the first day of the following month of service.

                C.            Late Payment or Nonpayment.  If your account balance is not paid when due, at the sole discretion of ACS, a finance charge of 1.5% will be added to the outstanding balance each month until your account is paid in full.  The failure to make any payment by its due date will be considered a default and your Internet account may be terminated.

D.            Insufficient Funds.  In the event your check is returned for “insufficient funds,” a returned check fee may be assessed in the amount of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) or the maximum amount permitted by Colorado law.  Returned checks, along with the returned check fee, may be drafted or electronically presented to the consumer’s bank. Check writer is also responsible for all other costs of collection.

5.             Termination Policy.  The Internet access granted by ACS may be terminated at any time by either you or ACS. Upon termination, any amounts owing to ACS shall be due and payable immediately. No monies paid by you shall be refunded.

6.             Modifications to Accounts.  You may request modifications to the type of Internet access, the log-in name, e-mail name(s), or account and billing information by giving notice to ACS. Such modifications will be made by ACS within five days of your request. ACS maintains the right to alter or amend any of these policies at any time by written notice to you.

7.             Internet Protocol.  The Internet access granted by ACS may only be used for lawful purposes. The transmission of any data which is deemed to be a violation of any international, federal, state, county and/or local laws, rules or regulations is strictly prohibited. The failure by you to adhere to this policy will result in termination of the account. Use of the account is solely at your own risk, and ACS assumes no responsibility for information obtained from the Internet or through use of the Internet. ACS makes no warranties, express or implied, as to any services it provides.

8.             E-Mail Accounts.  Each dial-up account is provided with one e-mail address. Additional e-mail addresses may be purchased for an additional monthly fee. ACS considers your e-mail to be confidential; however, routine maintenance on the mail server may result in the contents being viewed by our system administrators. ACS cannot assure the confidentiality of e-mail that is routed to or from other providers. Unsolicited spamming (sending the same or similar mail many times to one or more destinations) is strictly prohibited. Forging your identity with the intent to misrepresent or mask your legal identity will result in immediate account termination. Any attempt to send harassing, obscene and/or other threatening e-mail to another user is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to read, delete, copy or modify the e-mail of others is strictly prohibited.

9.             Usenet News. Some electronic mail policies apply to Usenet news groups.  No spamming (including excessive cross-posting) or forging your identity is permitted. To make sure you are posting an appropriate article, you should always read the group's charter to understand its dynamics.

10.          Immutables.  The transmission of any illegal material or use of your account for any illegal activity will result in immediate account termination and/or legal prosecution.  Using your account to distribute copyrighted materials without permission is illegal under federal and international copyright laws.


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