ACS MailGuard - Spam and Virus Filter

The ACS MailGuard is an advanced server being used by ACS to reduce Spam and eliminate Email worms and viruses. The ACS MailGuard scans incoming Email and runs a sophisticated analysis to determine the probability that an Email message is Spam. Messages that are classified as Spam are tagged and sent to a personal Quarantine area. Users are informed (once a day by default) what messages are being held in the Quarantine area. Users can easily manage their Quarantine area to deliver, whitelist, or delete the messages. Viruses and Worms are automatically removed.

Accessing the ACS MailGuard Server

To login, please check your email and look for a message titled "User Quarantine Account Information." This message is delivered automatically to your inbox the first time that the MailGuard server quarantines an Email message, destined for your account (that is probably Spam). The "User Quarantine Account Information" message contains an ACS MailGuard username and temporary password. The password used to access the ACS MailGuard is not the same as your password for Internet Access or Email. The password is case sensitive.

You may also click here to access the ACS MailGuard server login

If you have forgotten your password, you can simply enter your email address on the login screen for ACS MailGuard and click "Create New Password." The new temporary password will be mailed to you.

Managing Your Quarantine Inbox

After you login to the ACS MailGuard server, you can deliver, whitelist or delete messages from the Quarantine. Messages can be selected individually or as a group.

  • Deliver - Sends the Quarantined message to your normal Email inbox. The message is released, but future messages from this sender will most likely be quarantined again.
  • Whitelist - Adds the sender to your personal whitelist so that future messages from this sender are not intercepted by the ACS MailGuard server. The message is also released from the Quarantine area and delivered to your Email inbox.
  • Delete - Removes the message from your Quarantine inbox. It is not delivered and is permanently lost.

Changing Your Preferences

From the Preferences tab, you can customize ACS MailGuard if required.

Settings that may be modified include the following:

  • Security - Allows you to change your ACS MailGuard password (recommended). Please note: The password used to access the ACS MailGuard is not the same as your password for Internet Access or Email. The password is case sensitive.
  • Quarantine Enable/Disable - This allows you to disable the automatic quarantine of suspected Spam messages. If you choose to disable the quarantine, but leave Spam Filtering enabled, the suspected Spam messages will be delivered to your normal Inbox. The messages will have the subject header modified to include [ACS_SPAM_ALERT].
  • Spam Filtering Enable/Disable - This will allow you to turn off all Spam Filtering on your account.
  • Whitelist/Blacklist - Allows you to add people to your own personal whitelist or blacklist. Senders that are on the whitelist will never be quarantined or considered spam. Senders on the blacklist will always be blocked. You will not receive email from senders on your blacklist until you remove them from the blacklist.
  • Quarantine Notification - This gives you the option to control how often you receive Quarantine Summary messages from the ACS MailGuard server. The default is a daily notification, but options also include weekly or never.