Dialup Internet Services

ACS offers the very best in dialup Internet account access. Our full support of advanced modem technologies, unsurpassed reliability and exceptional technical support set the benchmark that other ISP's try to follow.  There are no minimum contracts, setup fees and credit cards are not required. Access numbers are available in most areas in Colorado.

Why is ACS Dialup Access better than the competition?
  • ACS does NOT attach advertisements to your email.
  • ACS respects your Privacy! We will NOT sell your personal information.
  • Advanced Spam control and Virus protection is included at no additional charge.
  • The ACS Internet backbone is a "Tier One" service for fast real world performance.
  • ACS does not subsidize our service with pop-ups and directed marketing from 3rd party companies.
  • No hidden fees, limited time - trial offers, or other "bait and switch" pricing. We offer honest, NO-GIMMICK services.
  • Free technical telephone support by polite, local and certified networking staff.
  • Flexible Billing. Options available for Paper Statement, Credit Card or Bank Draft.


Premium Dialup Service
Standard Dialup Service
  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • 1 Email Account (POP3 compatible)
  • ACS Mailguard SPAM and Virus Protection
  • ACS WebMail Access
  • 5 MB of Personal Web Space
  • 10MB of Email Space
  • Instant Messaging Compatible (AOL, MSN, Yahoo and others)
  • Support for Windows and Macintosh
  • Free Online Account Management
  • Free Technical Support for Internet Related Problems

ACS utilizes a high speed, state-of-the-art, fiber optic backbone to deliver the Internet to our customers. We have peering (interconnected) relationships with over nine (9) major backbone providers, including AT&T, Sprint, Level3, UUNet, C&W, and Qwest. This multi-path backbone provides the shortest possible route for all Internet traffic, and immediately reroutes traffic during times of congestion and upstream outages.

ACS provides Internet access speeds ranging from Dialup Modem (56k) through ATM DS3 (45Mbps). To sign up or further inquire about any of our  services, please call one of our services specialists at (970) 245-7088 or (888) 800-4-ACS. You are also encouraged to stop by and visit with us in person.